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Joseph Robinson - Editor

Joe has been writing about strategy videogames since 2008. He started off as a writer for gaming website Strategy Informer/GameWatcher. He’s also written for acclaimed websites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun & PCGamesN. He launched Strategy Gamer and has been its Editor since April 2017. His main passion is Paradox Grand Strategy games, but he enjoys everything from more tactical affairs like XCOM, to other 'big' strategy experiences like Total War. His love of strategy games even transcends genres, and offline he's a prolific board and card game player.

Regular Contributors

Marcello Perricone

Brave, bold, and clever, Marcello is SG's former Deputy Editor and plays almost every genre under the sun, but has a special place in his heart for anything that involves command, space, and strategy. A serious XCOM, Total War, and Stellaris fan, he's always around on Discord in case someone needs help and wears a Kryptonian suit below his journalist attire at all times.

Alexander Williams

Long-time tabletop RPG game and wargame author/consultant, Lex was right there on the front lines with Usenet before the rise of the web. Preferring the wide open vistas of space and the stuffy interior of powered armour to the oil-drenched innards of a Panzer, he's your go-to for cutting edge tech, whether it be game or setting.

Sean Martin

Sean Martin is staff writer at Pocket Tactics as well as a poet, living in the South West of the UK. He has also written for Wireframe, Eurogamer, PCGamer, PCGamesN + many others. He writes about varied subject matter, from climate change to rat representations in games. You can find him rambling about anime and Total War on Twitter @LoreScavM

Timothy Borsilli

Tim is a secondary and post-secondary educator with a keen interest in board, war, and strategy games, with a special focus on the First World War and its immediate aftermath. An avid reader of both history and speculative fiction since he was young, he is concerned, above all, with games that can tell compelling narratives through their systems. While a hobby gamer in his bones, he also studies both the history and practice of conflict simulation and serious gaming.

Jack Trumbull

Jack stumbled into writing about video games with a heart full of determination, a head full of synonyms, and hands full of keyboard. He asks Joe weekly if he can write about Dwarf Fortress (the answer is always no), but that hasn't stopped him from trying. Jack is looking for a game that wants a long-term commitment, enjoys long walks on the beach, and has a similar interest in watching history take the wrong turn off the highway.

Ian Boudreau

A former news reporter, Ian has been writing about games as a full-time freelancer since 2015, bringing fond memories of 1990s classics like Command & Conquer and X-Com: UFO Defense along for the ride. After college, he spent time as a US Army journalist and went on to earn a graduate degree in political science. He's written for outlets like Vice, PC Gamer, and IGN, and currently covers news for PCGamesN. He currently resides in Binghamton, New York.

Charles Ellis

Charles started off lecturing his primary school teachers on Triremes and still hasn't learnt his lesson. When his plans aren't being derailed by yet another boardgame idea, he may be found slowly painting up his miniatures. He assures us they'll see the gaming table someday. He suffers from delusions of literature, and to his knowledge is the anglosphere's only expert on Red Army Assault Engineer-Sapper formations (from a field of one). He loves a game that places him in a particular place in a particular time - with all the limitations that position would entail. He carries the 'excel gamer' soubriquet with pride.


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