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The Panzerliga is now 20 Years old - Celebrate with us

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:29 am
by Panzerliga Matze
Hello greating form Panzerliga.

We are a Wargamer Club, how play the old Panzer Generals series and the newer Strategic Command series :)

Now we are 20 Years old, and we want to celebrate it, with all the Wargames World :)

We start two Tournaments - PG II and Open General. And you can start for your forum :o

PG II - Herbst-Winteroffensive 2020
Small scenarios will be played so that this time we can move forward quickly and we may have already determined our champion by Christmas :)
Registration by email to RamsesII, PM here or in the PL forum. More infos you geht here: ... rsicht.php

Open General Tournament
A new Open General Version has been uploaded, which must now be played in a Tournament. The selection of the e-file and the scenarios has not yet been made. We are open to suggestions.
Registration by e-mail to M. Kessler, PM here or in the Pl forum. More infos you get here: ... rsicht.php

more Games
Of course, our portfolio includes even more games. It would be nice if we could initiate Tournaments for this. It only takes at least 4 players. Write us your interest and we will start with more events.

I hope we all have much fun

Best wishes

Re: The Panzerliga is now 20 Years old - Celebrate with us

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:42 am
by Panzerliga Matze

now we make also a PANZER CORPS Tournament = ... rsicht.php

best wishes