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Review: First Strike: Final Hour

Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:12 pm

Up until the 90's, the world went to sleep and rose in morning with the fear of becoming a handful of radioactive ash at any moment. ... inal-hour/

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Re: Review: First Strike: Final Hour

Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:55 pm

Oh boy...the take-away from this Review is a bit harsh in my opinion.
That being said I haven't played the game in ages so I don't know about the new stuff (Diplomacy et al).

When the game first came out it was the only one (I believe) there on Mobile Devices doing that. Since then it may have gotten better but I can understand where the reviewer may come from here.

On PC this is for sure way more relaxed as on iDevices (by means of Keyboard and Mouse) and therefore less of a dexterity game in frantic click and swiping but a more relaxed approach to global nuclear warfare. With this pretty heavy shift it also moves the focus from dexterity and (very quick) split-second-decisions to the overall strategy...and maybe here the merits and prospects are a bit too low.

Not every game comes through a decisive port from mobile to pc (or other way around see settlers 2 on DS and Cultures:Northlands) unscathed. For all my hopes that more developers would try either on or the other, for every good story (To the Moon, FTL, etc.) there are others who disappoint (Deathwatch, Space hulk, etc.)

If you are interested in the game and unbiased in your choice of device try it on a (preferably large) mobile device. On PC if you compare it to Defcon strictly on the subject matter it doesn't win against Defcon, but on mobile where Defcon isn't around it is very fun. It’s the pure First Strike feeling.

Now give me Defcon on mobile to debunk that wall of text.

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Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:32 am

Those are very fine arguments, Pinny. I agree with you, people willing to test this title should consider doing it on the mobile.

I think the biggest problem is that mobile ports end up looking shallow on PC. Given the inherent difference of gameplay, a game that was considered good in mobile circles comes off as downright barebones when put in the same league as Paradox, Creative Assembly, and Firaxis games. On the other hand, XCOM and Total War both were ported to mobile successfully, so maybe it's time developers start aiming higher.


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