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Planetfall: How Age of Wonders’ newest addition is bringing the 4X to life

Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:33 pm

The narrative potential in a 4X game is perhaps one of the least explored areas in the genre. ... -gameplay/

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Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:54 pm

Thanks for this. I was really curious how the game is in comparison to AoW3. From the videos I had the feeling, Planetfall is just scifi version of AoW3. Which would be ok too, but we moved forward since then and to see some progress would be nice (game mechanics wise) :)
I have to say for myself, that I really loved tactical battles in AoW3..they werent the nicest part of the game and maybe "clunky" a bit /camera, Ui/, but still very good. I think in most of these games, when you come to late game/end of are auto-resolving things if you can. If you have more armies and number of fights in a turn, you usually auto-resolve most easiest and fight only the ones which are uncertain. At least that was what I usually did. Seeing you character and army getting new abilities with each level was extremely satisfying :) If this part of the game is even better now, thats great!
One aspect of the game which was probably most criticized was Diplomacy. Also I would love to see different victory in for example Distant worlds (race specific etc.)
I've been "stalking" triumph studios since I saw "hiring concept artist" on their I really hope this one turns out well :)
(Im just a bit worried about the "Paradox side of the game", with their extreme marketing and dumbing down/streamlining strategy.)


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